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Through excellence, we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, every time. Luxury RV Rentals LLC will consistently deliver a quality, well maintained motor home; provide friendly service and great value that make customers confident that they are their choice for a motor home rental. 

As a customer of Luxury RV Rentals you will always be treated like royalty. 


One day, my friend and I were enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the pool when she piped in and said "your RV is just sitting there collecting money and dust. Why don't you rent it out?" This was news to me, however, I soon discovered there was a market for people looking for RV rentals. The initial RV rental was to Payson, AZ to a family reunion in July 2015. The people who rented her were so happy and had such a wonderful time that my friend and I decided to start our own Recreational Vehicle Rental Agency, LUXURY RV RENTALS LLC. From that day forward, our RV rental business has been a huge success. The RV has been to Country Thunder, Wild Horse Pass Boat races, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Connecticut, New York, the Grand Canyon A LOT..., San Francisco, San Diego and beyond. She has very few miles on her and she's just waiting for her next adventure. Located in Glendale, AZ Luxury RV Rentals – Recreational Vehicle Rental Agency is within the city limits of Phoenix. SO, THE QUESTION IS WHERE WILL YOU TAKE HER? SHE'S WILLING, SHE'S ABLE AND SHE'S ALWAYS READY!


Are you tired of trying to get customer service on the phone and all you receive is a recording? 

Or better yet, leave a message and no one calls you back?

Are you frustrated because you rented an RV and can’t reach anyone to talk you through a problem you are having with the coach?

Oh yes and the infamous hidden fees? Don’t those just make your blood boil?

At Luxury RV Rentals LLC your call is important to us, so we are always available to take your call. If you receive our answering machine you can be rest assured, we will get back to you within 15 minutes from you calling us. No matter what time of day you are calling if you are having a problem we want to know. 

As a renter, when you pick up the coach, we are very thorough about going over every detail regarding the RV. However, we also know this can sometimes be overwhelming. So, no matter what the problem or questions we are here to answer them and walk you through any situation that has arisen. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. And, after all, your happiness is what makes us happy.

Here at Luxury RV Rentals LLC there are no hidden fees. You know what you are paying for up front. Everything you will need for the coach is provided except for a few things; food, drinks, your personal belongings and entertainment. Sorry those items are entirely up to you! However, we do have a concierge service which would be more than happy to do your shopping for you. All you need to do is ask!



Have you ever been on a cruise where it was all inclusive? Our customers can expect nothing less. Where other companies nickel and dime you to death, we charge one flat rate for everything. PERIOD. Luxury RV Rentals LLC - Recreational Vehicle Rental Agency doesn’t want their customers to sweat the small stuff. That’s our job. We provide our customers with the “Royal” treatment. We provide everything you will need for your trip. Your only concerns are what to eat and drink. 

Whether you are from the Phoenix area, Tucson, the East Coast or the West, come to Luxury RV Rentals LLC located in Glendale, Arizona.


Are you looking for a fast paced, adrenaline pumping day? Enjoy yourself at Wild Horse Pass Boat Races,  NASCAR races or a weekend stay to watch a football game at the Cardinal Stadium? Rather than drive to a hotel after a long day of fun, you can walk to your RV that rented from Luxury RV Rentals.


Do you enjoy country music or are the sand dunes more to your liking? No worries! Grab some friends and head out to Country Thunder or pack up the dune buggies for some fun in the sand.   

With the incomparable Roadmaster chassis and powerful 330-HP Cummins turbo diesel engine, power is transferred to the rear wheels by the ever reliable Allison MH 3000 transmission with air suspension for a smooth ride. It has the power and drivability to take you wherever your dreams want to take you. 

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Our German Customers enjoying Zion National Park


Our German Customers enjoying Zion National Park



Remodeling? Out of Town Visitors? Consider renting a motor home from LUXURY RV RENTALS so you can stay close to home with the comforts of home. Did you know your insurance will often cover the cost of temporary housing? An RV is also a wonderful extra bedroom during holidays or special family events.


Luxury RV Rentals consignment program has been carefully planned to assure you a hassel-free business opportunity. If you'd like to know more about joining the ranks of other satisfied owners who have realized the financial benefits of consigning their RV with Luxury RV Rentals, email or call us.

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